The Forgiveness Project

 Forgiveness is forgiving because Jesus Christ paid the price.
    He died that we might be forgiven.
 that is why Crusifiction Friday is such an important day to remember.


Forgiveness is not: 

 forgiveness is not forgetting historical events

nor is forgiveness the necessarily precurser of re trusting

nor does forgiving always produce reconciliation.

no one should be forced to forgive
nor pressured to forgive

nor pressured to forgive prematurely.
  eg  I needed to face all that certain people did to me
   before I forgave them.

 especially if I am still in denial,

 some testify they forgave and were healed.
    Let us give thanks to God
       for His miricle in their lives.

 The Lord doesn't always work in our lives in the same way as others.

 we ought not apply the particular to the general




God meets us where we are.

eg  Jesus talks of the shepherd who rescued the lost sheep   He looked for and found the sheep and rescued the sheep without making any demands nor conditions.

In the Parable of the Good Samaritan  the wounded man is given first aid and taken to a place to rest and recover without any demand to forgive.
   Why do so many impose the pre requisite of forgiving?

It is a mis application of the  man who was forgiven much then refused to forgive little,

to suggest a survivor of sexual abuse must forgive much
 to be forgiven little.

    Forgiveness does
neutralise bitterness and resentment.



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